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Onyfix, your only fix for ingrown nails

Onyfix, the newest and latest nail correction technology developed in Germany. The revolutionary system provides permanent treatment for ingrown and involuted nail. We will apply Onyfix to affected nail, which then corrects the shape over time through natural nail growth. The treatment is non surgical and absolutely painless. Follow up treatment is only required once every 3-4 weeks. Don't continue to suffer with pain or risk serious complications from untreated ingrown nails. Contact us today to start your painless Onyfix treatment!


How does Onyfix works?


Onyfix, a soft putty, is applied to the nail. A spatula is used to shape it into a strip and place in the right position. A special blue light is then use to harden Onyfix and bond it to the nail. Don't worry, the light is safe and no protective eyewear is required.


The hardened Onyfix strip ensures that the shape is maintained during your nail’s natural growth. Some nails might require more than one cycle in order to properly correct the curvature. 


After successful treatment, your foot specialist will remove Onyfix from your nail easily and painlessly.

Permanent Solution

This treatment will get rid of your pain and infections caused by ingrown toenails or ingrown fingernails permanently. After the treatment, unless there are other aggravating factors such as foot wear that is too tight or biomechanical issues, the nails do not reinvolute.

Suitable for All Ages

Accredited by FDA, Oxyfix ingrown nails treatment is safe and suitable for everyone including children, high-risk clients and those with diabetes. Onyfix soft is suited for small, thin and children’s nails.


No needles or surgery is required. Minimal risk procedure and discomfort as compared to traditional ingrown nails treatment which includes cutting back the nail spicule. It corrects the nail through natural nail growth and no exerting force on the nail.


Oxyfix will not cause any allergic reactions to users. The Onyfix compound will be applied on the nail and there is no direct skin contact. The treatment corrects the nail shape through natural nail growth. 

Immediate Pain Relief

After the Onyfix compound has been cured or hardened with the LED light, it starts to keep the nails on the right track. It forces the nails to stay flat and not curved inwards into the skin and thus providing immediate pain relief.

No Downtime

Once the Onyfix compound has been cured (hardened with the LED light), you may resume normal activities such as swimming, sauna, manicure immediately. You will not experience any post-treatment discomfort. 

Affordable Price
Only at $148 per treatment

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